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      1. 服務指南 / SericeItems



        ●大堂經理 Assistant Manager    
          位于賓館大堂內,24 小時為您提供服務。

              The Assistant Manager in the lobby will be at your service at any time.

        ●預訂∕接待 Reservation Reception  


             The Front Desk will provide you with the service of reservation and registration any time.
        ●收銀∕結賬 Cashier    
             位于大堂總服務臺,24 小時為您提供住宿期間的房費結算服務。

             It’s located at the Front Desk in the lobby. We will provide the 24-hour check-out service of your fees during your stay.
        ●信用卡Credit Card

         Welcome to use the following cards:Unionpay bank card、Visa、Master card、Wechat andAlipay。

        ● 退房時間Check-out Time
        賓館退房時間為中午12:00。請留意:超過 12:00后加收半天房租,18:00后退房按全天收費計算。若需延遲離店時間,請與總服務臺聯系。

        ● Check-out time is 12:00 at noon. You will have to pay an extra half of daily fee if you check out after 12:00a.m and the whole fee if you do after 18:00 p.m. Please contact the Reception Desk if your check-out has to be delayed.

        ●客房門卡Room Card  

        ● We offer you the IC lock. Please return the card to the Cashier Desk when you check out. The IC card will not work when you delay the heck-out time and you must contact the Reception Desk to continue your time.

        地址:江蘇省徐州市觀音國際機場有限公司 郵編:221212
        www.8664sy.com 蘇ICP備17064721號-4 版權所有@2013 徐州市觀音國際機場有限公司